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Stephen Colbert, a clever man, describing South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford's supposed hike along the Appalachian mountain trail: "Henry David Throroughing his career away."

Also, I downloaded Call of the West, the second album of Wall of Voodoo. Who? There the guys who do that song that goes "Whoa-oh I'm on Mexican Radio." You've heard it. One of the ultimate one-hit wonders.

So I'm listening to the album, and..."Mexican Radio" is far from the best song on the album. It's freaking awesome, but about ten years of its time.

Also, it sounds kind of like Skinny Puppy if they didn't do heroin and we're terribly depressed and goffik.

Austan Goolsbee's On Obama's "Socialism"

In the last few months there has been a lot of discussion of whether or not Obama is a socialist. This is, of course, idiotic. It's really a deplorable statement of both the failure of our education system and our media that this hasn't been repudiated yet.

Part of the reason it remains a popular notion is that it's hard for the sort of jerkwater rednecks for whom this passes as political science to grasp what differentiates socialism from American politics as usual. These people need a story for thinsg to make sense, and in bad times a story like "Obama is an evil socialist out to get us all!" is a right ripping yarn. But Obama Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee may have come up with the best "shut 'em up story" -- that is a story to soothe the proles back into domesticity -- I've seen so far.

From the June 15th broadcast of The Colbert Report:

Look, your house is on fire. You're like 'Auigh my child!' Guy runs in, takes your kid out, saves their life. Now is not the time to accuse them of kidnapping.

Simple, to the point, even an idiot can get it.


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