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I Murder Anon With My Bare Hands!

I killed sfd_anon.

Just like I killed anonymouse in otf_wank.

There's a lot of funny comments in those threads, perhaps the funniest part being the horde of internet feminist tripping over themselves to defend mengus, who is pretty much the embodiment of everything wrong with patriarchial masculinity. I mean here we have a violent and thuggish -- ex-military, thus willing to kill other human beings because someone ordered him to -- halfwit who devotes his time to trolling the internet for women to have sex with. mengus is pretty much what's wrong with men in America, but by acting exactly like a high school bully he's getting lauded with attention. Hey, that's exactly what happened in high school! These sheeple will never grow up.

This comment from exiledv2 amused me greatly:
No, Ken, you can't take anyone out. You bark a lot of fury and rage, but you lack the steel will to back it. Maybe if you learned how to stay frosty on the subject you would make an impact.

But seriously - you've made threats like this for over a decade on the internet and not once have you followed through IRL. Hex's experience is the closest you've ever come to physically threatening. Gamers are not scared of you. Goths are not scared of you. No one is scared of you. Or rather, no one should be. There's more of a chance of Nickolaus the Whiny Goth showing up, gun in hand, then there ever will be of you.

Find a new avenue of approach, Manlike. This one doesn't faze anyone anymore
I lack the steel will to back it up. lulz. Or maybe I know that violence is wrong? Ptthhpppttbbttt. What an ass, totally missed the point.

And clearly it fazed a lot of people. I mean, I killed sfd_anon.

Pow pow, bang your dead.

Jul. 21st, 2009

Banned from sf_drama for "trolling a personal journal." ACS, who has "trolled" this journal, will not be banned. Nor will doctoreon be banned.

Banned from sfd_anon because they can't handle having me around. I cause them to reveal themselves as the assholes they are.

Speaking of banned, just got this in the old inbox:

Dear Wizards Forums Account Holder-

We are contacting you because you have not logged into your forums account in over a year. Due to a change in our accounts system, your account may be deactivated.

We'd love to invite you back to see how vibrant the Wizards of the Coast community is. If you play any of our games, or just like to talk about them, there is no better place than our forums.

[cut details on account reactivation]

We hope to see you in the forums joining in on some great conversations.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at (800) 324-6496.

Keep on gaming,

Wizards of the Coast

You want to know why I haven't used that account in a year? Because I was banned! And why? Because livejournal wankas recognized me and started shit. But that never happens, because it's "against the rules of the comm." ::facepalm::


Images of my tattoos.

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"based on this comment i hereby rescend [sic] my promise not to mock you anymore. fuckkkkk you dude." - armchairshrink

What this means for the home-viewing audience is that acs's promise to not mock me anymore lasted until the next major argument over a point of liberal dogma that I took contention with. Which she only missed because she was out of town. Which means that her promise was essentially completely worthless. Anyone who is surprised by this is clearly not paying attention.

The problem for acs is that she wrote this:
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The problem that armchairshrink faces is that by writing the above, she's completely nullified her power to hurt me. Because everytime she comes at me, I'll just remind myself that she's not talking about me, she's talking about her ex, about herself.

I'd also like to point out that acs saying "someone who finds you enraging and assholish and just flat out MEAN because once you've decided someone is "bad" nothing is off limits to you in terms of how you will try to make them feel your anger" is about the most hypocritical statement ever posted on the internet. I mean we're talking about someone who waged a campaign to smear me as a potential or possible rapist because she decided I was "bad." She taught me lessons in how nothing is off limits.

Today Sucks.

So my Jeep died this morning as I was heading to work. So that was fun. It's in the garage now and hopefully won't cost my entire savings to repair. The tow-truck driver was completely fucking obnoxious. The first thing the dumbass says to me is "I'm getting too old for this job." Motherfucker was younger than me. How fucking hard is it to drive a flat-bed tow truck and operate a winch? NOT VERY HARD YOU LAZY MOTHERFUCKER.

I was about ready to kill him for all his inane chatter about how bad a day he was having (while I'm standing out there looking at my fucking DEAD CAR and wondering how the fuck I'm going to get around town for the next few days) when he mentions that he's into Tool, and that they're his favorite band. So I tell him how I was into Tool before Opiate was released, and about the shows I've been to, and how much I fucking hate A Perfect Circle for resulting in less Tool albums/tours. And we get to talking about "10,000 Days" and like most of Tool's ignorant meathead fans he didn't get the album at all and was turned off by the band's continued and deeper exploration of progressive metal themes (I'm translating for him, he said it was "boring and didn't rock hard enough", fucking dumbass) and I said that I wasn't surprised that "10,000 Days" was so influenced by progressive rock given that Tool had been touring with seminal prog rockers King Crimson prior to the release of "10,000 Days."

Turned out he'd neve rheard of King Crimson or Joy Division, so I got to recommend both JD's "Closer" and KC's "Lark's Tongue And Aspic" to him, which made me happy and reduced my urge to kill him.

Then I got to work and my step-mom called me to tell me that my dad has been rushed to the hospital and is currently undergoing major upper back surgery, which involves "rewiring his neck" (wtf does that mean?), and will have to do months of intensive rehabilitation...only to go back for major lower back surgery. Apparently the numbness he'd been experiecing in his feet for the last few years has spread to his hands, and he's no longer able to walk. He'd been wheelchair bound while recovering from the lung cancer surgery, after they removed his lung, but he was supposed to be up and on his feet by now.

And I don't know how to deal with all that. I don't know how to deal with my dad, the tyrant and evil monster living in my head, being reduced to a wheelchair and being spoonfed by nurses. How the mighty have fallen. Mostly though, I'm just sad and anxious and want him to be okay. Because despite all the things that have happened between us, he's still my dad and I still love him.

Palin Flounce

Sarah Palin's resignation letter reads like a flounce. It's written in blog-speak. I'm halfway tempted to post it to stupid free. dopper0189 on Daily Kos captured it perfectly while discussing Paul Begala's critique of Palin:
If Mark Sanford went from sounding like a 13 year old love sick boy crying to the nation, to a 13 year old love sick girl reading her diary out loud to the nation, Palin sounds like a 13 year old texting the nation about her personal life.

First Jindal does his Kenneth the Page impression for the nation (sounding like a 13 year old), then Sanford reads from his diary, now Palin flounces. So this means Tim Pawlentry implodes next, right?

Dancing The Green Mile

The three couples in danger:
* karla and vitolio
* phillip and jeanine
* kayla and kumpumo

I think there is no chance Kayla or Kumpono goes.

I put odds on Karla and Vitolio.

But interesting that Phillip and Jeanine ended up in the bottom 3.

Really glad Caitlin and Jason survive, but wish she could drop Jason.

ETA @ 9:40 Jeanine sucks. Wobbly landings all around.

But karla is going home.

So You Think You Can Wait Two Hours?

It's 6:15 and I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance? to start. These shows, they always say "This is the best year ever!" but this year they aren't kidding. Best year ever, even better than 2007 with Lacey Schwimmer (still my favorite ever). So many great dancers, and the eliminations have been hard to predict. Week 2 caught me entirely off-guard -- an entirely different bottom 3 than Week 1? Wow.

Though it's good to see that Hip Hop is still the #1 Killer. It's that thing Toni Brasil (is that not awesome that she's there?) was talking about: Hip Hop is all about bringing the funk and street swagger. Janette Manara is so lucky she got to play "Rock Girl" in her Hip Hop routine, because if she'd had to show up and throw down Gangsta, she would have been Bottom 3 bound. Luckily her godawful mugging worked to her advantage (though she's also lucky you can't vote against dancers, because I'd have booted her just for her stupid "Rock Face").

Right now I'm thinking this week's victims will be Phillip Chbeeb -- Nigel's 'You aren't learning fast enough' comment was dead on accurate and will hurt him -- and Jeanine Mason, cause the girl's got no talent (for this level of competition obviously, not no talent full stop). I feel strong about Phillip, but may revise on the girl after the show.

My current favorites:
Male: Kupono Aweau, whose nuanced performance as the old busted crash test dummy made it impossible to take your eyes off him. Runner up is Evan Kasprzak who has tons of personality and charm. Third goes to Ade Obayomi, who is probably the strongest in the competition but lacks personality.

Female: Melissa Sandvig is my favorite to go farthest, but I think this year it will be a guy who wins. I love Caitlin Kinney's smile, but don't think she'll survive much longer. Karla Garcia is also very good.

ETA @ 9:13: Well shit. Phillip and Jeanie aren't going home after that. Hip-Hop is obviously Phillip's strong suit, and the chain prop was just Made Of Win. No way they end up in bottom 3.

No More Wacko Jacko Jokes?

When I was ten years old my dad took me to The Wherehouse, a music/video store in California, and bought me my first three albums. The first was Weird Al Yankovic. The second was The Beach Boys. The third was Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

I distinctly remember a time when Michael Jackson was synonymous with cool. My dad took me to Disneyland three weeks before Captain Eo -- the 3D sci-fi short film starring Jackson -- came out, and I actually gave him grief about it, I felt so completely robbed.

I remember the first time I saw the video for "Billie Jean" and freaked out because the sidewalk lighting up effect was...it was breathtaking and amazing.

I also remember turning 13 and growing more and more embarrassed to call myself a Michael Jackson fan, and moving away from pop music as I grew more sullen and pop became more bloated and ridiculous as its heroes -- Jackson and Madonna in particular -- became ever more ridiculous parodies of themselves.

Somehow Michael Jackson turned into an alien weirdo who was completely unrecognizable from the guy who sang Thriller, and it all became very strange. Then there was the child molestation thing, and the hanging the baby out the window, and it just got weirder and weirder.

Jackson, whether he was the King of Pop or Wacko Jacko, has been a fixture in pop culture for the entirety of my life. And now he's dead. Much sooner than expected.

It's a little surreal.