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So You Think You Can Wait Two Hours?

It's 6:15 and I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance? to start. These shows, they always say "This is the best year ever!" but this year they aren't kidding. Best year ever, even better than 2007 with Lacey Schwimmer (still my favorite ever). So many great dancers, and the eliminations have been hard to predict. Week 2 caught me entirely off-guard -- an entirely different bottom 3 than Week 1? Wow.

Though it's good to see that Hip Hop is still the #1 Killer. It's that thing Toni Brasil (is that not awesome that she's there?) was talking about: Hip Hop is all about bringing the funk and street swagger. Janette Manara is so lucky she got to play "Rock Girl" in her Hip Hop routine, because if she'd had to show up and throw down Gangsta, she would have been Bottom 3 bound. Luckily her godawful mugging worked to her advantage (though she's also lucky you can't vote against dancers, because I'd have booted her just for her stupid "Rock Face").

Right now I'm thinking this week's victims will be Phillip Chbeeb -- Nigel's 'You aren't learning fast enough' comment was dead on accurate and will hurt him -- and Jeanine Mason, cause the girl's got no talent (for this level of competition obviously, not no talent full stop). I feel strong about Phillip, but may revise on the girl after the show.

My current favorites:
Male: Kupono Aweau, whose nuanced performance as the old busted crash test dummy made it impossible to take your eyes off him. Runner up is Evan Kasprzak who has tons of personality and charm. Third goes to Ade Obayomi, who is probably the strongest in the competition but lacks personality.

Female: Melissa Sandvig is my favorite to go farthest, but I think this year it will be a guy who wins. I love Caitlin Kinney's smile, but don't think she'll survive much longer. Karla Garcia is also very good.

ETA @ 9:13: Well shit. Phillip and Jeanie aren't going home after that. Hip-Hop is obviously Phillip's strong suit, and the chain prop was just Made Of Win. No way they end up in bottom 3.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 11:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I realised after I posted this that there are a couple of Sonya routines that I can respect, and that really I should give the woman a chance as I haven't seen that much of her. (No, I haven't seen her dance; will keep this in mind.)

My impression was that Nigel and Mia liked it

You may be right; my impression was that Nigel was averse to it and Mia ... has some kind of axe to grind with Brian Friedman? But I'll let it go.

Agreed about Broadway and Bollywood, 100%.


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