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I Murder Anon With My Bare Hands!

I killed sfd_anon.

Just like I killed anonymouse in otf_wank.

There's a lot of funny comments in those threads, perhaps the funniest part being the horde of internet feminist tripping over themselves to defend mengus, who is pretty much the embodiment of everything wrong with patriarchial masculinity. I mean here we have a violent and thuggish -- ex-military, thus willing to kill other human beings because someone ordered him to -- halfwit who devotes his time to trolling the internet for women to have sex with. mengus is pretty much what's wrong with men in America, but by acting exactly like a high school bully he's getting lauded with attention. Hey, that's exactly what happened in high school! These sheeple will never grow up.

This comment from exiledv2 amused me greatly:
No, Ken, you can't take anyone out. You bark a lot of fury and rage, but you lack the steel will to back it. Maybe if you learned how to stay frosty on the subject you would make an impact.

But seriously - you've made threats like this for over a decade on the internet and not once have you followed through IRL. Hex's experience is the closest you've ever come to physically threatening. Gamers are not scared of you. Goths are not scared of you. No one is scared of you. Or rather, no one should be. There's more of a chance of Nickolaus the Whiny Goth showing up, gun in hand, then there ever will be of you.

Find a new avenue of approach, Manlike. This one doesn't faze anyone anymore
I lack the steel will to back it up. lulz. Or maybe I know that violence is wrong? Ptthhpppttbbttt. What an ass, totally missed the point.

And clearly it fazed a lot of people. I mean, I killed sfd_anon.

Pow pow, bang your dead.


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